Cyber Security

No Longer Optional – Even Small Business Needs Protection

Firewalls: Not Enough To Stop Attacks

Most breaches to the security of your company’s critical data occur from behind your firewall. Most business managers have a strict Data Security Policy in place, however many do not enforce that policy as it hinders the employee’s ability to do their job. Ultimately, employees will find ways around the rules and jeopardize the cyber security of your company’s data.

SMB Cyber Security Solution

  • SimpleWAN provides 24/7 monitoring
  • Eliminates need for Security employees or service
  • SimpleWAN protects your data from Cyber Attacks
  • SMB’s are Prime Targets for hackers in 2018
  • SimpleWAN also provides Internet redundancy

Is your business ready for new challenges in 2018?

Enterprise Security

The Problem With ​Traditional Protection

Signature based and general scanning now only work about 50% of the time and firewalls no longer protect because attacks are no longer just coming through your perimeter. Example include: Laptop taken to a lunch meeting or cell phone infected with email.


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Patent-Pending ​Cutting Edge Technology

Organizations of any size deserve and require a Cyber Security system that detects active attacks such as crypto locker so that attacks can be pinpointed and remediated before they spread throughout your network. Enjoy the peace of knowing you have a TEAM of security analysts watching your network 24/7.

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Affordable Cyber Security ​For SMB thru Enterprise

Contact TMA today for a FREE 1-hour demonstration of the most effective cyber security solution available. Our solution is the only service to include “Incident Response” at no additional cost. That means we resolve the attack before more harm is done to your data network. Other vendors will charge you $15,000+ to fix the problem once detected.

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