New SD-WAN Solutions

Multi WAN Bonding Increases Bandwidth & Redundancy

Basic Elements of an SD-WAN Network

SD-WAN providers are coming out of the woodwork now. What started as dual WAN routers for redundancy has blossomed into an entirely new industry aimed at replacing MPLS and Frame Relay networks.

TMA has been researching these new technologies over the past 2 years and identified the leading providers for Small Business needs and those providers who work best for Large and Enterprise companies.

Contact TMA today to discover how these new WAN solutions can increase your bandwidth, lower your current MPLS costs and add much needed redundancy to your IT operations.

Dual or Multi WAN Router

Peplink Balance routers offer the best combination of Price & Performance in the SD-WAN arena. Ideal solutions for MSP’s and Hosted VoIP providers to bring the highest level of service to their clients.

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Multiple Internet Providers

Every location has limited choices for Internet services and pricing options. TMA will help you choose the most reliable services based on your specific needs. Most businesses should have 2 or more providers for redundancy.


Network Management Software

Network Management Software allows IT Managers to “see” each location in “real-time” so they can resolve poor performance issues and outages before they interrupt your business.