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What Our Clients Say

  • Al Toper, Director of IT Services
    TMA has done a fabulous job of helping us to manage our voice & data services, saving us thousands of dollars each year. TMA has also helped our customers with price quotes, choosing the right vendor, managing installations and ongoing support, TMA does it all.
    Al Toper, Director of IT Services
  • Lou Ann R, IT Director
    TMA kept us informed every step of the way, quickly answered our VoIP questions and everything went as they had promised.
    Lou Ann R, IT Director
  • Executive VP - GCF Bank
    We have saved countless hours and thousands of dollars by working with TMA to manage our voice & data services.
    Executive VP - GCF Bank
  • Orin Black, CFO
    TMA has saved us countless hours of time and effort trying to identify and collect on billing errors by our various telecom vendors. Thousands of dollars have been saved and put to better use within our telecom operation.
    Orin Black, CFO
  • Keith Duke, Purchasing Director
    The operational expertise and refund we received from TMA has made a significant and positive impact on our budget, both now and in the future.
    Keith Duke, Purchasing Director

Frequently Asked Questions

1How will a VoIP phone system improve our business?
Many business managers are upgrading their telephones to Voice over IP systems to integrate their normal telephone calling with mobile apps, CRM, conference calling and video conferencing, all included for a fixed monthly cost.
2What exactly does “Cloud Computing” mean?
Cloud Computing simply means that business managers are moving their backroom servers, email, and phone systems to the Cloud. The Cloud can be any remote IT provider’s network like AWS, Assure, etc. Storing your applications & data off-site is often more secure, cost-effective and easier to manage.
3What can TMA do for us that we can’t do for ourselves?
Please watch the video at top of this page to see how our 25+ years of experience and our relationships with all of the Top Rated IT providers will give your organization an advantage when choosing and negotiating IT services for your office.

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